Avocado Post-Workout – Controlling Insulin During A Cut

Because of their lack of carbs coupled with high amounts of protein and fat, Avocados are very low on the Glycemic Index and have a very small Glycemic Load – meaning their effect on blood sugar levels is minimal. Since my goal is to cut fat without losing much muscle, I am focusing much more on controlling Insulin while maintaining a positive nitrogen balance.

Normally, post-workout meals will involve some sort of carb (starchy carbs or glucose, preferably). In fact, I normally have Pixy Stix right before my Whey Isolate Protein Shake in order to spike my Insulin levels to help shuttle the glucose and amino acids into my muscle cells. However, that’s not what I want in this case.

My focus is more on fat loss and muscle preservation rather than muscle gain. I know that I have a higher sensitivity to Insulin and that I react very well to being in a more fasted state – meaning I eat less meals and make sure they’re spaced out at least, in my case, about 6 hours. This includes my post-workout “meal” (shake and some actual food).

Now, my caloric goal is only slightly below maintenance level, so I still have to get an adequate number of calories throughout the day. This means that I have to fit more calories into each of my small amount of meals. If I spike my Insulin with too much carbs, my body won’t be able to use them all for energy or muscle building, so they’ll be stored as fat. What I’ve done is replace much of my carbs with a little more protein and the rest with fat.

Fats and proteins take longer to be broken down into glucose. By consuming more of these macros, I am ensuring that I am not overloading my blood stream with extra glucose that it can’t do anything with (so it won’t be stored as fat).

I do get a slight insulin response because I have a lean protein powder that has a small amount of sugar, but it’s nothing to stress about. For dinner I will make some eggs or chicken with vegetables, do some computer work, then head to bed.

In case you’re wondering, this is the protein powder I use. You can check it out, here – MuscleTech Premium 100% Whey Protein Plus

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