These are the fitness products I use...

I like being transparent. It's a pretty simple thing to do, right? So below you will find a list of basically every product I use when it comes to my fitness lifestyle. Some are supplements while others are gear. If you want to skip my reasoning for each, simply find them here.

Wireless Earbuds

I definitely prefer wireless earbuds over ones with cords. These work even while hanging out in the hot tub!

Padded Weight Lifting Straps

I use Padded Weight Lifting Straps to help with pulling motions on back or shoulder workouts when I pull more than my fingers and forearms can handle.

Cellucor C4

I've always used Cellucor C4. Mostly for the caffeine and taste. Otherwise I'm honestly indifferent.

MuscleTech Whey Protein

My go-to protein is MuscleTech Whey Protein mostly because it's pretty clean and relatively inexpensive.

Weight Lifting Belt

Weight lifting belts help with posture and I prefer Harbinger's because of the solid structure while also being slightly flexible.

Kitchen Scale

Kitchen Scales like this come in handy when you're really watching what you eat, so I have one on hand. They're cheap, yet effective.

Creatine Hydrochloride (Bulk)

I add Creatine Hydrochloride to my pre-workout simply because it's not time-sensitive and I would rather get it out of the way all at once. I buy in bulk and add about 2 teaspoons each day.

Blender Bottle Shaker

This is the water bottle I use. Pretty standard, right? Haha

Beta-Alanine (Bulk)

I buy Beta-Alanine in bulk and add about 2 teaspoons to my pre-workout. Buying in bulk is a lot cheaper than just buying more pre-workout.

Gold Standard Whey Protein

I'll take Gold Standard Whey Protein after my workouts if I had run out of my MuscleTech protein.

Door Frame Pull-Up Bar

A Simple Pullup Bar that I put in the door frame of my closet in to get me going in the morning (sometimes... lol)

Backup Corded Earbuds

I will use these Corded Earbuds as backups if my Wireless Earbuds are dead or broken (every gym rat needs a backup pair). High quality, comfortable, and inexpensive.

Pink Himalayan Salt

I add Pink Himalayan Salt to my pre-workout for the beneficial effects on mineral and electrolyte levels.

Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps

I'll use Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps if I am having a little wrist pain, but that rarely happens. They're good to have on hand, though.