My Desk Job Diet For Lean Muscle Gains

This needs to be edited a bunch for consistency and fluency. Adding a section on bulking and cutting being based on caloric surplus and deficits.




I got a question the other day about how to stay lean (and even lose fat if you find yourself to be an overweight individual) when you have a stagnant job (where you don’t move around a lot throughout the work day). I’d like to give you a little insight into the diet side of my fitness lifestyle since I, along with many of you, have a desk job.

When you have a desk job, you find yourself sitting around and, if you’re lucky, you have the privilege to walk across the office every now and then. This can not only wreak havoc on your mind (mine – because it’s so boring), but also on your fitness goals (especially when I am trying to cut fat). This is where Nutrient Timing and taking advantage of how your body uses food can help you out a lot.

Here’s what my typical work day looks like…
5:20 – Rise and Grind
5:30 – 5:45 – Breakfast
7:00 – Start Work
9:30 – Mid-Morning Snack
12:00 – First Half of My Lunch
2:00 – Second Half of My Lunch / Pre-Workout Meal
3:30 – Leave Work
4:00 – Lift
10:30 – 11:00 (ish) – Bed Time

Breakfast – In the morning I eat a well-balanced meal based on my macronutrient goals. I’m currently trying to gain some muscle (without gaining much fat), so I ate a cup of oatmeal mixed with a tablespoon of peanut butter, a sweet potato, and 6 egg whites with parmesan cheese and barbecue sauce as toppings (no, not everything mixed together). This mix of simple and complex carbohydrates helped jumpstart my metabolism and give me some energy while the fat and protein helps me stay satiated (fancy word for “full”) until my mid-morning snack.

Mid-Morning Snack – Since my goal is to gain muscle, I want to keep my carbs more near my workout because that is the time when I will need my consumed energy the most (rather than using stored energy – i.e. fat). I eat veggies with ranch dressing right now to fit in my fiber intake while eating enough fats to keep me full until my first lunch (I split my lunch into 2 meals).

Lunch 1 and 2 – These meals are pretty much the same, just split in half and eat them about 2 hours apart. I typically eat some sort of carb like whole grain bread or a potato while taking in protein like a lean whey protein shake and some egg whites for satiation. I avoid large amounts of fats (like handfuls of almonds) here because they’re not really a good energy source for a workout.

Post-Lift – I work out about 2 hours after my last meal. I don’t heavily rely on this meal as a direct source of energy and I prefer to not work out with a lot of food in my stomach, so this gives my previous meal enough time to break down to a comfortable level. My post-workout involves Pixy Stix (or some other source of glucose or dextrose – see one of my last posts on Instagram about why) and Whey Protein for recovery. About an hour after this I will eat a post-workout meal, typically a chicken salad.

And there you go! That’s how I eat on my typical work day. Carbs in the morning and near my workout while fats throughout the morning for satiation and slow-digesting energy. Protein is decently spread throughout the day.