Single Arm Cable Rows

Today, during my back workout, I decided to do Single Arm Cable Rows. This was an effective way to work the Lats (Latissimus Dorsi). Keeping the elbows near the body throughout the motion and focusing on bringing the shoulder blade on the working side back and inward as if to touch the inside edge of the other shoulder blade is the key to this motion.

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The Scapular Adduction is what makes this motion effective for working the lats. This set that was filmed was one of my middle sets, so I hadn’t reached my heavy set. I did end up using my straps on these later in the lift (see my recommended weight lifting straps here). Keep your hips, knees, and opposite shoulder and elbow pretty locked during this motion in order to avoid shifting the work away from the working side lat.

Prior to this I had just broken a 14 hour fast with a banana and a protein shake (here are some good protein shake options). This helped restore my liver glycogen levels and restore any muscle protein that had been broken down over night. I waited about an hour and a half after eating this breakfast snack before taking my preworkout and leaving for the gym. My preworkout is a mixture of Creatine HCL, Himalayan Pink Salt, Beta-Alanine, and Cellucor C4 (they can all be found here – pre-workout mix).

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